PlayStation 5 Price in India, Release Date, PS5 India Pre-Orders & Launch Details

The PS5 is priced at Rs 49,990 while the digital version of the PlayStation 5 comes at a price of Rs 39,990. Check Sony PlayStation 5 Price in India, features, release date, and PS5 India pre-order and every other detail you need to know.

Finally, PlayStation 5 is now expected to launch in India. The release date for PS5 India is out, and next week the pre-orders will commence. PlayStation 5 will officially find its way into the world, one of the much-awaited, the organization has been able to address all the IP problems in the country.

playstation 5 price

There are concerns regarding the launch of PS5 India, so if you have really been anticipating it badly, it is suggested to pre-order.

When will PS5 India Pre-Orders Start?

On January 12, PS5 India pre-orders begin. How many PS5s will be available in India at launch is yet to be confirmed by Sony. PS5 India units could be about 12,000 to 15,000 at launch across India, according to IGN. PS4, in comparison, debuted with 4,500 units in 2014 and was sold out in two weeks.

In India, the PS5 hype is much higher in 2023, and the given size of units is predicted to go zero in a week or so. Here’s what you need to hear about the launch of PS5 India.

Pre-Orders for PS5 in India: Pre-Orders for PS5 India commence at 12pm on January 12.

PS5 India Release Date

The 2nd February 2021 has been finalized for the PS5 India release date.

PS5 Availability: PS5 will be accessible nationally from both online and offline retailers.

PlayStation 5 Price In India

In India, the price of the PlayStation 5 is set at Rs 49,990 for the regular disc version and Rs 39,990 for the PS5 digital version.

Where to buy a PS5 in India?

In India, the official PlayStation 5 will be available on multiple platforms throughout the country:

  • Amazon India 
  • ShopAtSC 
  • Vijay Sales 
  • Croma 
  • Reliance Digital 
  • Flipkart

PS5 India Warranty 

A 12-month warranty will come with the PS5 units for India. You will get a fix within the specified time span, not a patch. As a DualSense controller, HD Camera, media remote, the PS5 accessories come with no promise or after-sales support. As it began with PS2, the firm would follow the same strategy.

PS5 Accessories Price in India 

Here’s the price list for PS5 accessories in India.

  • Processor with DualSense: Rs 5,990
  • Camera in HD: Rs 5,190
  • Wireless Headset Pulse 3D: Rs 8,590
  • Remote multimedia: Rs 2,590
  • Charging Station for DualSense: Rs 2,590

PS5 Game Prices in India

There will only be a selection of PS5 games available in India for now, and here are the following prices:

  • Demon’s Souls – Rs 4,999
  • Destruction Allstars – Rs 4,999
  • Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition – Rs. 4,999
  • Sackboy A Big Adventure – Rs 3,999
  • Spider-Man: Miles Morales – Rs. 3,999

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