How to Move WhatsApp Groups to Signal Messaging App

How to move the WhatsApp groups and chats to the Signal app is a demand that has come quickly and furious after its privacy policy was exposed by the Facebook-owned messenger app. Angry WhatsApp users, including those in India, are switching to the tiny encrypted messaging app Signal, which, thanks to the contentious WhatsApp upgrade, is also gaining traction here.

Move WhatsApp Groups to Signal
Move WhatsApp Groups to Signal App

However, some problems are often encountered by new Signal users after logging in, which means transferring old WhatsApp groups to Signal.

Signal took to the micro-blogging platform Twitter to address the issues of new users and wrote: “A lot of people have been asking how to move their group chats from other apps to Signal, and Signal group links are a great way to get started. Drop a group link into your former chat app of choice like you’re dropping the mic on the way out.”

How to Move WhatsApp Groups to Signal App

The encrypted messaging software has come up with a four-step system to quickly transfer your WhatsApp groups on the Signal app.

  • First, the users need to create a new group on the Signal app.
  • Second, tap into group settings and then tap ‘Group Links’.
  • Third, turn on the group link and tap share.
  • Last, share in your former messenger of Choice

Signal app users can share it in their previous WhatsApp groups after receiving the group invite connection, so that other group members may access the newly formed Signal group directly.

In the meantime, the Signal app has also said that its platform in India will soon begin rolling out new Signal features. Chat wallpapers, animated stickers, iOS media auto-download settings and full-screen profile images are the latest Signal features (to match Android). You can download the Signal app from the App Store and Play Store.

Earlier, Facebook-owned WhatsApp claimed in an announcement that if they do not approve the changes, their users will lose their accounts. WhatsApp’s revised Terms of Service and Privacy Policies will come into effect on February 8, according to the company.

“WhatsApp must receive or collect some information to operate, provide, improve, understand, customize, support, and market our Services, including when you install, access, or use our Services,” the updated WhatsApp policy reads.

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