Jiomart vs Dmart: Who is Cheaper and Dominates the Indian Grocery Market

In recent years the competition in the Indian grocery market has been increased after the entry of Reliance Jiomart. The oldest player in the segment, the grocery chain Dmart who extended its arm in e-commerce with Dmart Ready will be able to dominate the market in the Jiomart era? The fight between Jiomart vs Dmart is aggressively increasing with discounts, logistics and technology.

jiomart vs dmart

Launch of Jiomart: A tough competition for Dmart

With Jiomart launching its operations in 2020, a race of the grocery eCommerce space is now tough for other players such as Dmart, BigBasket, Grofers, Amazon Pantry and Flipkart Supermart.

Reliance Industries’ JioMart is an e-commerce website, run by Reliance Retail. It was initially being sold to consumers in cities in Maharashtra including Navi Mumbai, Thane and Kalyan, in January 2020. Reliance Retail has sent out invitations for early offers to Jio customers to register for JioMart.

JioMart is expected to compete in all areas against Dmart, Amazon and Flipkart, all of which provide same-day food delivery and critical household delivery.


JioMart plans to provide over 50,000 free home delivery supermarket items without minimum order prices, and what they term is an express guarantee of delivery and a return policy that is not challenged. JioMart will be available through Android and iOS apps.

Reliance acquired the Grab-A-Grub logistics services network in March 2019 for its e-commerce business. They were also in talks with the tech firm C-Square, which represents dealers, retailers, online e-commerce and outsourcing of salesforce solutions. Both helped develop JioMart’s website.


Reliance Retail does not build a native warehouse, but JioMart is based on an online-to-offline platform where it imports food goods from local stores, helping offline retailers to appeal to online-focused consumers.

Reliance Retail will equip the local grocers with points of sale terminals, low-interest working capital, product handling expertise and GST enforcement in order to make the scheme work.

Jiomart vs Dmart

Avenue Supermarts Limited, DMart, is an Indian hypermarket chain founded by Radhakishan Damani in the year 2002 in India, with its first branch in the Hiranandani Gardens of Powai.

As of 31 December 2019, it had 196 stores in 72 cities in 11 states in India including Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan.

Avenue Supermarts Ltd. (ASL) promotes DMart. The firm has its headquarters in Mumbai. As of 31 March 2019, DMart had a record of 7,713 permanent staff and 33,597 contractually recruited workers.

Reliance Retail who is one of India’s biggest retail chain with around 12,000 outlets and after the launch of Jiomart, it has reached to every household across India. You can buy everything on Jiomart that are available at the D-Mart store.

To deal with Jiomart, the company launched D-Mart Ready to deliver products to their customers on click-through regular stores.

Unlike JioMart, D-Mart Ready e-commerce model is very cost-effective for the customers the price of items are same to their stores and take home delivery charges from the customer or else the customer has the option to pick the products from the store.

Amazon who deliver the food items through Amazon pantry is far bend of JioMart when it comes to grocery products

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DMart vs Jiomart (Reliance Retail) Revenue

DMart is far ahead in terms of profit compared to its other offline retail and just behind Reliance Retail.

CompanyRevenue per sqft
Reliance Retail45,424

Online presence in cities: DMart vs Jiomart

When it comes to online retailing, DMart is far behind Jiomart and other competitors. The company is taking every step cautiously in the online sector.

CompanyOnline presence in cities


Are Jiomart and Dmart the same?

Jiomart e-commerce website while Dmart is an offline retail store. Dmart has launched its e-commerce platform D-mart ready but it’s operational in only one city currently.

Jiomart and Dmart who is better?

Jiomart is back by Reliance retail who is trusted by most of people in India. D-mart has also grown as a trusted Indian brand. Thus, both companies are trusted brands in India.

Jiomart vs Dmart, who gives faster delivery?

Jiomart gives faster delivery at your doorstep while D-mart delivery is quite slow in comparison.

Jiomart vs Dmart, who has better customer care service?

Jiomart customer care is open for customers from 8 AM to 8 PM, 365 days while Dmart customer support operates from 7 AM to 10 PM every day. The customer care of both companies are good but Jiomart provides slightly better support.

Jiomart vs Dmart: Who is Cheaper

Both companies offer products at discount rates. Jiomart claims to provide the products at a minimum of 7% below MRP while Dmart is known as the lowest-priced retailer. Dmart offers a better price at the store and it’s cheap to some extent compare to Jiomart. However, Jiomart is filling the price gap along with the free delivery of the products at your home without any changes and minimum order value.


Both companies are fighting for the markets share with aiming to become the biggest players in the retail market.

As of now, Jiomart is growing fast across India compared to Dmart and experts are saying that it will soon take on Flipkart and Amazon in India.

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  1. My experience with JIOMART is very bad.
    In almost all orderes , all items were never supplied in spite of prepaid orders.Few items were cancelled even after informing delivery date. Even delivery dates are also postponed.Even delivery is made in 3-4 parts.
    After complaining to customer service, no satisfactory reply was given.
    In my experience D’mart is much better.

  2. Now recently I am happy with jiomart with its delivery which is like 1 day . I hoping they will bit the dmart pricing

    • Jio mart price is more than dmart price.But joi mart is
      CONVENIENT because of home
      delivery.Home delivary convenience is not there in
      Dmart at anantapur branch AP


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