JioMart to Sell Electronics, Fashion, Healthcare & Medicines Online

JioMart to expand its inventory from groceries to sell electronics, fashion, healthcare and Medicines products online.

Reliance Industries recently announced that JioMart is expanding its inventory from grocery and daily essentials to electronics, fashion, healthcare and Medicines products. JioMart delivers the product faster and securely.

JioMart Sell Electronics

The part of the JioMart Kirana scheme, they will partner with local Kirana stores to help them to transact digitally and to perform the operations smoothly and rapidly.

JioMart To Sell Electronics, Fashion, Healthcare and Medicines

JioMart is all set to enter multiple categories similar to Amazon and Flipkart. JioMart is also looking to connect customers and Kirana stores by making the Kirana digitally equipped.

There is good news for online customers as JioMart to have electronics, fashion, healthcare and pharmaceutical products in its inventory apart from groceries.

JioMart will work closely with WhatsApp to help the local Kirana stores and the customers by enabling them with Jio technology and the network of Reliance Retail.

Kirana Stores can use the JioMart platform to stay connected with their customers.

The service of JioMart is delivering the grocery in 200 cities across India. The company currently delivers 250,000 orders a day and looking to expand the categories and order numbers.

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