JioMart Reviews, Complaints, Feedback, Service & Shopping Experience

JioMart Reviews: Read the reviews on customer service, feedback, complaints, frauds, pricing and online shopping experience on JioMart’s website and app.

Reliance JioMart is India’s e-commerce platform owned by Reliance Ltd. E-commerce was launched to change the shopping experience of India through best-in-class products and services. But as the website went live in more than 200 cities and towns, customers from across the country felt upset and sad due to early issues in logistics and quality. Many customers use their social media handles to write JioMart reviews about their experience.

The service of JioMart was initially launched in Kalyan, JioMart Navsari, Navi Mumbai and Thane but later the JioMart operations expanded to big metro cities and towns such as Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Noida, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune and more.

The company is now planning to list healthcare, electronics and pharmaceutical products on JioMart after a massive response from users in India. So far there are very mixed reviews on JioMart related to its customer service, feedback, complaints, frauds, pricing and online shopping experience.

JioMart Reviews, Complaints, Service & Shopping Experience

The customers of Jiomart have shared the shopping experiences they faced while placing an order to get delivered to their doorstep. JioMart customers posted their reviews on Twitter, Quora, Facebook Page and other consumer forums.

If you take a look at the JioMart reviews by the customers, you will find that most reviews and complaints portray that the company is struggling with inventory management and delivering the product on time. The quality of the products delivered by JioMart is also not up to the mark.

Here are some of the problems faced by the customers of JioMart:

  • Product delivery is getting delayed
  • Accuracy of the delivery date
  • Cancelled deliveries
  • Missing products
  • Poor customer care and support team
  • Product Quality

JioMart is run by Reliance and they are known for their quality services and products. So, we are very positive that the early issue faced by the customers will be resolved soon and the best products and customer services will be offered by the company. The company also partnered with the Kirana store to deliver the product fast.

jiomart reviews

Here are some of the JioMart reviews posted by customers on social media:

I ordered on 12th July. 15944978399009311M. They kept bouncing back and forth with the date of delivery. And now to my amazement they have already delivered the order and transaction is done.

I didnt even receive the order, not even seen where the hell they delivered.

I was ordered items in jio mart on 12 july 2020 till date I have received only 2 items I was mail in your company mail address [email protected]

This is a very bad experience with #JioMart
– Poor quality of fruits & vegetables
– Expired food items.
– No response from customer care
– my orders got declined and the amount was deducted but still, neither the items delivered nor amount is refunded
– Hard to communicate with careA fraud delivered only one pack of Rice Brain oil but took money and raise the Invoice for two packs. Customer should not allow for such fraud e commerce company, even lodging complaint did not bear any fruit, we should feel ashamed that we believe on them. Most disgusting and unprofessional attitude. For mere Rs.100 they are telling lie.This is a very bad experience with #JioMart
– Poor quality of fruits & vegetables
– Expired food items.
– No response from customer care
– my orders got declined and the amount was deducted but still, neither the items delivered nor amount is refunded
– Hard to communicate with care

Hi, my service no -0022605241in jiomart. The amount 1324/- deducted on 5th July. Till now they have not refunded amount. Initially, the app was showing payment declined and after 7 days they have remove the order status also. Now they have not share any Level 2 representative contact number, accepts orders and simply cancel it on the delivery date for no reason (E.g. my order# 15942799969013235W). Hence sincere advise is not to depend on for your planned purchases, wasting your precious time.

JioMart run by Reliance Retail is operating services with its e-commerce website and on WhatsApp where it sells all kinds of grocery and daily items such as staples, beverages, fruits and vegetables, snacks, dairy and bakery, personal care, home care and baby care products.

Share your reviews on JioMart with us below in the comment box, we would love to know your feedback and reviews.

20 thoughts on “JioMart Reviews, Complaints, Feedback, Service & Shopping Experience”

  1. Order grocery items on jiomart, all the product like biscuits, maggi were delivered in very bad conditions , crushed

    Waste of money.. Also delivered late too

  2. Ref: 16571279610256431A Jiomart order.

    This was my LAST (and first) order with jiomart for foreseeable future.
    1. There was a delay in delivery
    2. When I tried to cancel the order, it said go to order section and cancel it (if it has not been shipped). I couldn’t find cancel button anywhere.
    3. After 4 attempts, I was able to get through to human voice who was totally clueless about the cancellation process. To kind of forestalling me off, he asked me to refuse to accept the delivery and the order would be cancelled. When the deliveryman came, he refused to cancel the order informing me that money will not be refunded in any case.
    4. Looked like the sourcing people at Jiomart are incentivised to collect garbage from the local vegetables market. Had to throw all of vegetables and fruits (Amt 603) in the dust bin.

    I always thought Bigbasket is worst, but Jiomart have comprehensively beaten them. Bigbasket atleast employ sensible cust care people and their returns policy is also well laid out.

  3. I was ordered kodak tv 55inch and paid rs 23490.1 on 25.1.23 but my order canceled by jio mart so i was tried to contact but not available to contact them & i was request to send my money but up today’ they not refund my ammount i bilived that releance co is a rilliable but it is not true it is fraud co now i want go to honorable court

  4. Out of 5 product i had ordered i received ROTTEN 1kg Anjeer after 3 complaint and in portal it’s showing refund initiated but no refund even after a month’s time this is how Juo Mart works as compared to Amazon and Flipkart they take back product back and refund on time yahee Karan hain Indian e- commerce companies like Jio Mart is doing frauds by not taking responsibility of their sellers
    Raddi hain Jio Mart aur expect bhi kya karoge nalayak logon se,
    K Swaminathan
    Very poor show by Jio Mart zindagi main dobara I’ll not buy from Jio Mart

  5. I bought Cashew and Fig with against order no. 16806743560102426M. But the product I received is pest infested and is in very bad condition. Upon complaining Ticket No:681644615260 the ticket is closed without proper resolution. Never buy anything for Jio Mart. Your hard earned money will be wasted. Products are really bad.

  6. Fraud,cheap useless service

    Totally I have ordered 3 products in a single order of thooba craft brand products.
    order ID ➡️16811818290043097A  ordered 3 clutches of amount➡️( ₹679 + ₹419 + ₹579  =₹1677/-) total amount is ₹1677/-  on 11 apr 2023 which received on 18 apr 2023 only one clutch that too wrong product and other 2 clutches are missing.

     When ever I contacted customer care they are not given any resolution instead of that only argued with me, and said denied your request that can’t refund my amount, bad service, worst service, late response and no use of customer services.
    Just got ₹597/-

  7. Joi mart is a fraud & big thief,
    I will never order on this website or app.
    It was my 1st & last shopping .
    I’m very disappointed.

  8. I had placed an order for -FAVOUR LIFETIME WARRANTY DOUBLE POLL CLOTH DRYING STAND_ on 1st of june 2023 from Jiomart. Earlier the deliver date displayed was 5th june, on that day it changed to 8th june in 8th to 9th june and then 13th june. When i calles the customer support just the same silly answer came up we have registered your complaint and with still 4 to 5 days it will be resolved
    Highly disappointed.

  9. Don’t order in jio Mart it is full of negligence to pickup the return product and not sending good products i will give 0/5 rating

  10. Horrible JioMart delivery …. Order, and then 5-10 days delay. Standard ‘parrot’ replies on email and on Customer Service Reps. Waste of time and money. Prepay, and then wait endlessly.

  11. I have email with complaint to CSHEAD. my query No was 689156475562 and reply very unprofessional.
    My complaint was:-
    I write this letter to bring into your kind consideration that the product was missing for the delivery made. The mentioned order was delivered on 11/07/2023 time 10.00 pmwith tracking ID 16888158890168748A-01. I would like to mention that Go Processed Plain Chese Slices 750g (Pouch) was missing from the package delivered. It is to request you to take urgent action on the same and arrange to deliver the balance materially.

    But Reply was :

    Clossing Missing article complaint-Bag qty less than 2. Product was delivered with OTP.

    And when I called to Customer care…..They reply this is not our policy after delivered. If you refuse received than i will take the complaint……….

    I mostly online shoping different platform like AMZON, flipkar, DMART etc. but this time very bad experience in JIO Mart.

  12. Jiomart is very dull and lazy services. Please don’t download jiomart app. My 2 payments was not clear till date. Rs. 779/- and Rs. 549/-. They are registered only complaints and resolutions.

  13. Very poor quality and poor service, all products r expired and, no proper solution is given,dont try to fool ppl,plz delete the app and don’t buy any products, waste ppl

  14. They are providing burst service for the customer, if you are ordering any product day by day delay of your product delivery and they cancelled your order. If you have already paid, then there is a lot of problem in getting the return. I am fed up of this service bcoz I am facing this issue so many times.

  15. Bitter Experience

    I have ordered on September 17, 2023 and delivery date was September 19, 2023. Till date didn’t received my items inspite the Smart Bazaar, Barrackpore, West Bengal is hardly within 2 kms radius from my house.

    When I registered a complaint the customer support called me and told that delivery personnel is not available. Even after their promise to deliver by September 21, 2023 I haven’t got my items. When I tried calling on the same number from which I got the call No one is bothered to pick up my call and even bothered to keep me posted about the inability to deliver the items.
    Order Number

  16. Bad service thia not good items ordered on 12 jan 2024 and its showed it will deliver on 14 jan 2024 & then now i got below text message stating as below.

    We regret to inform you that there has been a delay in delivering your JioMart shipment with ID 17050590080118567A-01. Rest assured; we are working diligently to ensure it reaches you by Jan 16. You can track your order by visiting

  17. Dont buy food items with attractive discounts they are expired or near expire i order nescafe sunrise rs 414 morning 23rd jan 2024 got delivered by 2 but its but today its 27 and still waiting for exchange and from 23rd priya,swaroopa,kirti they are all making me fool fake promise i know they will not exchange priya didnt told me need both side image swaroopa said 4 images i am a musaddilaal of office office i have all call recording of their fraud call


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