Jio Network Problem: How to Fix Poor Network or No Signal Issue

Jio Network Problem: Are you looking for solutions to why your Jio network is not working today? These are the possible solutions to all kinds of network issues on your Jio SIM card.

Reliance Jio has expanded its network to every part of India from the big city to rural areas. The company has reached 5 billion customers with its 4G network. If you are one of the subscribers of Jio and facing issues related to Jio network problems then you must try these solutions.

jio network problem
Fix the Jio Network Issue

NOTE: Many Reliance Jio users complain about Jio network problems and related to cellular service in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, etc. It will be resolved soon by the company.

How to Fix Jio Network Problem

Reliance Jio users faced issues such as ‘no service’ and Jio network was down for many hours. Many users also reported that Jio’s broadband connection – Jio fiber is also down.

Manually Pick a Network

The first step to fix the issue if the Jio network is not working is to go to Settings, the simple way to get the signal back is to check for networks manually. You can do this by going to Settings> More> Mobile Networks> Network Operators> Manually Search> Eventually, pick ‘Reliance Jio’.

This way, you will quickly get the signal back.

Build a Fresh APN

On your mobile, the other way is to build an APN. The first step is a temporary one, but this step is a lasting one from which you permanently obtain the signal.

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Remove an earlier APN

Remove the previous Dependency APN and apply a new one with the name ‘Jionet’ to your smartphone. Go to ‘Settings> More> Mobile Networks> Access Point Names> Build Current APN’ to build a new APN.

Default APN Settings

You need to enter the name of the APN to be generated after performing the third stage. Your name may be entered, but the APN should be ‘Jionet’.

Name: Your Desire

APN: Jionet 

Save and reset your smartphone

You need to reboot your mobile after creating the new APN. You’ll be able to see the signal on your mobile after rebooting. If you have not got a signal on your mobile, follow these measures again to fix the Jio network problem.

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