Jio Glass Price, Specifications, Features & How it Works

Reliance Jio Glass: Check Jio Glass Price, Features, Specifications and How it Works. Jio Glass has a personalised audio system and supports all audio formats.

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) introduced the Mixed Reality device called Jio Glass. The company also showed a demo of how the Jio Glass work will be out in the market to sell. However, Reliance did not reveal the Jio Glass price and launch date. Apart from the glass, the company also showcased JioTV+ and JioMart at the 43rd AGM.

Jio Glass

The new product by the RIL, the Jio-Glass is created to help users to conduct meetings through virtual reality in real-time. The glass will also help teachers and students create 3D virtual rooms through the Jio Mixed Reality service.

What is Jio Glass?

Jio Glass is a mixed reality-based holographic lens system that will allow users to experience the virtual 3D world for different tasks. The users use it for various tasks such as video calls, conference meetings, and presentations and communicate with each other in real time in the virtual world.

A mixed reality headset, Jio Glasses comes with a cable that will allow the user to connect it to the smartphone. The device supports over 25 applications to conduct 3D meetings and video calls.

Jio Glass Specifications


The design of the Jio Glass is very simple and elegant, the frame of the glass is made up of plastic that has a camera in the front between the two lenses.

The rear side of the glass has a small platform to perform mixed reality operations. There is a speaker and battery on the sides of the frame.

The weight of the Jio Glasses is around 75 grams. You can connect the device with the help of a cable to your smartphone.


When we talk about the features of the Jio Glass, the device is loaded with some unique features including a personalised audio system, supports all standard audio formats, supports HD quality video and can use over 25 apps on the device.

How it Jio Glass Work?

The user can use the Jio Glass to make holographic video calls with friends and colleagues who will have the facility to join the call in their 3D avatar, 2D or in regular call format.

After they join the call, they can share and view presentations virtually and can also change the background. The Jio Glassworks have the feature voice commands which can be used to make a call to any individual.

Demo of Jio Glass

Jio Glass Price

Reliance showcased a HoloBoard Mixed Reality Headset, the Jio-Glass with demo and all the features which are said to make a revolution in the video calling segment with its reality video meetings and more. However, the company confirmed the Jio Glass price and booking date.

The company also did not mention whether it will use the 5G services. Jio Glass is looking right now for one of the exciting products to be the following.

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