How to Use Jio Phone SIM Card on Android Mobile?

Follow the steps to use the Jio Phone SIM card on any Android mobile phone. Here are the criteria for using the Jio SIM on any phone:

You would require a Jio SIM card, a rooted Android system with 4G LTE support, the IMEI number of the handset it was used with, and the Xposed IMEI Changer software.

Jio Phone SIM Card
Jio Phone SIM Card

The Android system should be rooted

The appliance for which you choose to use the Reliance Jio 4G SIM card should be rooted and help with 4G LTE connectivity. Only then would you be able to experience the ultra-fast 4G speed provided to you by the Jio network?

Install the apps: Xposed Launcher and IMEI Changer

If the rooted system is ready, the Xposed Installer software needs to be installed. Then, the Xposed Installer and IMEI Changer applications need to be downloaded.

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Enable for modules

Then, go to the Enable System and Xposed Installer and click Modules. To allow it, you need to search the IMEI Changer Pro software over here.

Play with the IMEI number

Open the software on your smartphone, then enter the IMEI number of the computer you used in the app using the Jio SIM card. Only press Apply. You need to substitute every three-digit random number for the last three digits of the IMEI number.

Boot the device again

Turn your phone off insert your Jio SIM card into Slot 1 and restart your device. Now, you will see that the other device has an active Jio SIM card. Troubleshooting might be necessary Troubleshooting might be required If the system doesn’t get a signal, you need to go to Settings → Mobile Networks → Network Providers → Manually check → Select Reliance Jio. Go to Settings → More → Cell Networks → Access Point Names → Build a new APN with a name and Jionet should be the APN. The rest are left vacant. 

Please select LTE Only mode

Choose the LTE-only mode from mobile networks and switch on the data services. With this trick, you will experience unregulated 4G data on every Android phone.

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