How to Browse Jio Recharge Packs and Offers

How to browse Jio recharge packs and offers in the form of packs? Jio provides its postpaid and prepaid clients with a host of plans and recharge rates, but it can be difficult to make the best choices. To search via prepaid recharge and postpaid plans, consumers may use the Jio website or the MyJio application. This is how the best recharging plans for Reliance Jio can be found.

jio recharge packs
Jio Recharge Packs and Offers

There are two ways to recharge your Jio number. You may either visit to locate the correct schedule on the website or update the software on your computer. We’ve put together a step-by-step guide to how you can select the best pack by visiting the Jio website and the MyJio app.

How to Browse Jio Recharge Packs from Jio’s Website

  1. Head over to the official website for Jio.
  2. On the upper left, you can see the Mobility and JioFiber buttons. Make sure to press the Mobility button.
  3. You can see the Alternative Plans under the Accessibility page. Only press it.
  4. All the plans that Jio provides for prepaid and postpaid clients will be listed on this tab.
  5. You will be in the prepaid segment by default and see the common plans first, beginning with the 2GB packs a day.
  6. To see another 1.5 GB per day, 1 GB per day, 3 GB per day, and long-term packets, scroll down.
  7. You can see JioPhone, 4G Data Voucher, ISD, Top-Up, and other choices next to the Common Plans tab that will help you filter and locate the packs you need.

How to Browse Jio Postpaid Packs?

1. You should be on the Main Plan page by clicking on the Postpaid option.

2. Both plans will be mentioned under the Postpaid Plus Packs segment and you can also navigate down to see the Jio Standard Packs.

3. Depending on ISD, International Roaming, In-Flight Packs, or JioSaavn Pro, you can sort the packs here as well.

How to Browse Jio Postpaid Pack via MyJio App?

You can download and open the software from Google Play or Apple’s App Store to recharge your Jio phone via the MyJio app.

1. With your Jio number inside the app, you should be asked to register.

2. The software can take you to the home page until you’re signed.

3. You can see a mobile option right next to the Home option at the end. Tap on it.

4. Then, there should be a recharge link at the bottom of the tab.

5. Here, with the common plans coming up first, all your plans will be found.

6. By default, you can see 2GB per day packs, although there are choices below for 1.5GB per day, 1GB per day, and other packs.

7. You can see Jio Cricket, Work From Home Bundle, 4G Data Voucher, and other packs next to the Popular Plans page that can be browsed through.

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