Free Fire for Jio Phone: How To Download Free Fire APK in Jio Phone?

Free Fire is one of the popular games for smartphone users but how to download the FreeFire game for Jio Phone 1, 2 and 5G.

Similar to PUBG, Free Fire has become popular among Indian gaming users. The game is very compact and can be played on Android phones with just 2GB RAM. But there question among smartphone users whether or not they can download Free Fire for Jio Phone? There are rumours spreading on the internet that Jio users can play Free Fire on JioPhone. Let’s see how to play Free Fire on JioPhone 1, 2 and 5G.

The winner of the mobile game of the year at Esports Awards, Free Fire game can be played on all iPhone and iPad devices and the latest Android devices. So, this means that Free Fire is only available for Android and iOS users and in the case of Android, the Operating System version must be 4.0 or above.

free fire for jio phone

How To Download Free Fire for Jio Phone?

As the JioPhone OS runs on KaiOS which is not an Android or iOS hence you cannot play the FreeFire game on your JioPhone 1 and 2 but in future, if Jio releases the Android-based JioPhone then you can download and play the free fire game.

Also, JioPhone has only 512MB RAM which cannot run the game such as Free Fire as well as the phone has a keypad.

Even you manage to get Free Fire APK for JioPhone still it is impossible to run the game on the JioPhone.

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Do not download the fake APK of FreeFire and install into your Jio Phone because it may contain malicious files. There is no APK available for the Free Fire game and websites that are claiming are spam websites which can steal your data for their use.

In future, if the Free Fire game is available for Jio Phone then we will update here with the FreeFire download link for JioPhone users.

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