Airtel Beats Jio & Vi in Network Quality Metrics

In four of the five metrics measured, including the highest Excellent Reliable Content and fastest median download speeds, Airtel Beats Jio the latest Tutela survey, while Vi Idea had the fastest median upload speeds in the country.

Airtel Beats Jio & Vi in Network Quality Metrics
Airtel Beats Jio & Vi

With 55.4% of connections with a network experience acceptable for use-cases such as 1080p video streaming, real-time smartphone gaming or HD video calls, Airtel mobile network India Airtel has the highest Outstanding Reliable Efficiency.

Airtel Beats Jio and Vi in Network Quality Metrics

Airtel has Best Network Quality

Bharti Airtel CTO Randeep Sekhon said: “We are obsessed with delivering our customers the best network experience.” These results validate our consistent attempts to keep ahead of the curve when it comes to creativity and technology in networks.

Vodafone Concept was in the second position with an output gap of 6.9 percent, led by Jio with excellent reliable consistency of 45.1 percent. At just 14.0 percent, 41.4 percent gap between first place Airtel and BSNL, BSNL Mobile had the lowest Outstanding Stable Quality in India.

No operator met the 90 percent mark for Core Reliable Efficiency in Traditional Coverage Areas across India, reflecting links with a network experience acceptable for use cases such as SD video streaming, social media networking and web surfing.

At 83.0%, Airtel had the highest Core Stable Consistency, led by Jio at 77.9%, and Vi Concept at 73.8%. BSNL Mobile had 48.5 percent of the lowest Core Stable Standard, a 34.5 percent gap between the provider and Airtel in the first place.

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Airtel Has Best Download Speed

Airtel has the fastest median download speed of 10.0 Mbps, but Vodafone Concept competed closely with a median download speed of 9.4 Mbps.

With a median download speed of 6.5 Mbps, Reliance Jio was in third place, followed by BSNL Mobile at 2.8 Mbps, 7.2 Mbps slower than Airtel.

Vi Has Best Upload Speed

Vi Idea took first place with a median speed of 5.1 Mbps for upload speeds, followed by Airtel with 4.2 Mbps, Jio with 3.4 Mbps, and BSNL Mobile with a median upload speed of 1.7 Mbps in fourth place, 3.4 Mbps slower than Vodafone Idea.

There was a good rivalry between Airtel, Vodafone Idea and Jio in the latency test: Airtel had the most sensitive network with 24.0 ms across India in Common Coverage Areas, but just 4.5 ms separated Jio from that top spot and only 2.5 ms distance between Airtel and Vi Idea.

At 49.1 ms, BSNL Mobile had the least sensitive network, a difference of 25.1 ms in results.

Tutela said its results for India are focused on 615 billion measurements of network efficiency, including 62.9 million speed checks from August to October 2021. You can download our new free Smartphone Environment Study from the Tutela Insights portal.

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